Sarian Redesign

Sarian Redesign


Had to redesign Sarian for Vacant Sky awakening to be more 3D model friendly. We were specifically struggling with rigging her mantle and hood, so I had to change to a design with nothing hanging over or in the armpit area.

There’s a lot of symbolism in Sarian’s design. Her Chemise over her dress resembles the skin of a snake being shed. Renewal and rebirth is a big theme for Sarian, as a character who survived a deadly illness as a child and so in a sense overcame death and seeks a way to conquer it through science and magic. She also wears a choker, which was originally just something I drew in on her old design,  but turned out very apt since the illness that nearly killed her was “the silent death” and temporarily took away her ability to speak. While her legs never fully recovered, her voice did and is one of her strongest assets! Snakes are the symbol of Sarian’s house, Monarim; a noble house that has somewhat fallen from power, prominence and respect lately. She wears her snakes with pride though.

The symbol of Mercury on her back is a nod to her interest in alchemy. Mercury in ancient times was believed to be a source of life and was used in medicine, but of course, as we know, it’s actually poison; Sarian’s nature is “Subversion” and the ability to poison enemies is one of her first abilities in the game! Finally, her temper is somewhat “mercurial”, she has a quick wit, an acid tongue and a lot of pride!

The symbol of the Orkan religion is on her jacket too, which might make her seem devout, yet it is placed below the symbol of mercury. Hmmmm, maybe gives us a sense of Sarian’s priorities, and also her tendency to push just to the edge of what’s safe to say in her society. She has a touch of hubris to her!

Black wings could denote a fallen angel, a martyr, or crows/ravens/rooks. I imagine Sarian probably really likes Corvidae family birds! They’re really smart and fun but people think they’re all spooky and serious omens of death; I think Sarian thinks she’s like that.

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