Ars Harmonia Production and Extra Art

Ars Harmonia Production and Extra Art


Some new CGs made for the android/WP8 version of the game. I wanted the art of Ars Harmonia to have a lurid, comic book feel to it.


My favourite CG in the game, and probably one of my favourite pieces of work I’ve done lately in general! It felt really good seeing it in-game with the VO and everything. Really emotional!

And now for some fun extras!

I had to design a mascot for an American Football team! This was quite a funny thing to do, making the Homecoming poster, because being English, it’s not part of my culture, so I had to ask exactly what Homecoming is and entails! As a fun nod, I made the team the “Bandits”:

Based on one of my favourite NPC sprites for Vacant Sky Awakening, the Bandit leader:

Here;s a nice clean image of the family photo found in the Laveau household. My idea was a “happy” family that’s kind of falling apart:

It’s worth noting that there’s a deliberate red herring here as Nori in the photo doesn’t look like the Nori you fight at all. She got a lot of piercings, tattoos and bleached her hair sometime between this photo being taken. Why? HMM WHY INDEED? Perhaps you can work it out if you pay close attention while playing!

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