Author:Kate Holden

character designs

Ars Harmonia Concept Art

Ars Harmonia is a game I made you can play for free right now! Votes, Facebook likes and tweets would all be appreciated! I did pretty much all the art for this game, and I wanted to share some character designs as production art I did...


The best of Tetsuya Nomura

Okay, now, after lambasting him in the previous post something awful, we get to be positive about my favourite designer and show you why he’s my favourite! At his worst, he is patchy, he uses too many accessories and he gets swept up in whatever style...


The worst of Tetsuya Nomura

Tetsuya Nomura is one of my absolute character designers. I’d cite him as one of my biggest influences in a second and I love how he applies elements of modern fashion to his designs, his bold colour choices and colour theming, his adventurous and playful...


Time to tackle PBR!

PBR! It’s short for: Physical Based Rendering!  It’s important and if you’re planning on going into games, you need to start learning about it because it’s going to dominate the industry very quickly! Unreal Engine 4 uses it for starters and hoo boy that engine’s...


About IBL

Okay, so before I talk about PBR, I need to talk about IBL. If you’re saying “whuuuut” I don’t blame you! Unless you’re friends with a game graphic artist or a 3D animator, it is unlikely that you hear terms like Specularity or Normal Map on...


To be a Games Designer: Make games

One of the most common questions people ask you when you say you’re a Games Dev, and I’m sure all other Games Devs will nod here, is “How did you become a Games Dev?” “ How do I become a Games Dev? ” The truth is, there is no one...